About Us

About Us

Sobremezza was born from a passion for simplifying the task of setting a beautiful table. In a fast-paced world, we tend to neglect simple, joyful things.

Our goal is to create beautiful products to enhance your table at every gathering. Our bespoke collections are carefully curated, guaranteed to make a strong statement of love and care to your family and friends.

We hope we will always have a place at your table!

The Concept of Paper

We didn’t just want to simplify the art of setting the table; we also wanted to simplify the clean-up after the meal. The former is fun -- the latter, a drag.

Sobremezza single-use collections are the perfect solution for a beautiful, hassle-free tablescape. You will love decorating your table and love the easy clean-up even more.

Enjoy every moment of table-setting, confident that the clean-up will be a breeze.


Our collections include a wide variety of products to complement each other and enhance the dining experience. Complimentary designs across categories open up a vast array of options to create the perfect table and food display.

Our Founders

Madelein - Creative Director

Made Headshot

I feel like I got it from my mother. She took great pride in creating a beautiful home, and especially a beautiful dinner table. Not too formal, but always decorated with festive linens and fresh-cut flowers. My sister and I had the job of setting the table and enjoying a delicious meal cooked by my Mom with my Dad's help.

For our mother, the family meal was a precious daily occasion for us to catch up and share our lives—as it’s called in our Hispanic culture, la sobremesa!

Before pursuing a degree in interior design, followed by my 15-year career as a practicing interior designer, catering to a select Miami and NY clientele, I was a self-taught artist who painted nursery murals. I met Sobremezza co-founder Mary Oliva when she hired me to paint a mural for her daughter's nursery, who is now 20 years old!

Mary - Managing Director

Mary Headshot

Over a multi-decade career, I have had the honor of breaking new ground in the finance industry.  I have mostly enjoyed helping my Latin American high net worth clients protect and preserve generational wealth.  As a family confidant, I've been honored with a place at their dinner table where the family lingers for hours after the meal, just enjoying each other.  Contrary to our fast-paced - scheduled lifestyle in the U.S., the Latin culture values la sobremesa as one of life's most treasured pleasures.

When I met Madelein 20 years ago,  I was inspired by her innate artistic skills and am still in awe of her unparalleled talent.  One night during the confinement of 2020, we came up with an idea inspired by the importance of family, friends, and the simple gift of sitting around the table enjoying a good meal.

Without hesitation, I resolved to be the “business side” of my partner's creative inspiration. Sobremezza is that resolution comes to life. We hope our table settings inspire storytelling at your table.

The Brand's Name

Sobremezza is a nod to the Spanish word sobremesa, La sobremesa is the conversation that takes place at the dinner table long after the meal has ended, and it is a cherished time we spend with loved ones. We wanted to give the word a new twist by making its spelling different from the traditional way. This serves as an interpretation of our philosophy that while there will always be old traditions we love to honor we can always make new ones unique to us, our family, and friends. We hope to be an essential part of your old and new traditions.

Our Pledge

We are committed to creating beautiful products to simplify your life.

We are committed to helping you honor your traditions and create new ones.

As with family, you can always count on us to come through.

In return, we hope we will always have a place at your table!